Purposes of the Association:

Latvia Buddhist Association is established in 2016 with the following objectives:

1. to unite the followers of Buddhism and Buddhist organizations of Latvia and to promote their activities;

2. to represent Latvian Buddhists in international cooperation projects;

3. to represent Latvian Buddhists in cooperation with Latvia state and municipal authorities;

4. to promote business contacts and cooperation between the members of the Association.

Members of the Association:

Any registered Buddhist organization may become a member of the Buddhist Association. The members are registered without any time limit and are full members.

Associate members of the Association:

Any legally capable natural person may become an associate member of the Association. Associated members are not entitled to represent the Association. Associate member is registered until the end of the calendar year. Associate member can participate in the general meetings of the members and to express his views. Associate member shall not vote. Associate member can participate in the Association activities only in person.

Society "Latvijas budistu asociācija"Reg.No.40008258306Legal address: Rīgas iela 2 - 4, Carnikava,Carnikavas nov., LV-2163Email: